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Visa Interview Tips



The time leading up to your study- abroad is full of anticipation and dreams. You are completely drawn by the country's witty profile, the beautiful landscapes and the amazing culture. You can't stop thinking about the city you're going to and imagining all the things you be doing in it. But, what leads up to that dream most importantlyis your student visa.

It's then time for absolute mayhem as you start preparing the letters of reference, personal essays, artistic portfolios and preparing for interviews, along with transcripts. While a few misconceptions about obtaining your student visa would invariably surround you, what's important for you to know is that an embassy will not be interested in what university or major you are going for, as much as why you are choosing to go for it.

There are no sure shot to help you crack a visa interview but there definitely are some tips that might come handy, while appearing for one. Before it's time to take a plunge into the 'real-world' and teary-eyed parents to see you off, here are a few steps to up your preparation level:


) Make sure you polish your English-speaking skills. Visa interviews are usually conducted in English and not in the native language of student.

2) Talk about your long-term career plans and how the programme you're opting for, blends in with them. This is important in order to convince the officers that you are interested in studying rather than merely immigrating.

3) Keep your answers concise and to the point, since the officers are time-bound during admission season. Invariably, the impression that you form in the first two or three minutes will go a long way in deciding the outcome of the interview.

4) Keep a calm-demeanour and a direct eye-contact while answering the questions and precise, to the point answers work wonders in the interview.

5) As for the previous night, do check if all the documents which you will require are present in your bag. This will lower the tension and stress for the main day. Arranging the documents in proper order in a folder is also necessary as it will ensures that you produce the documents as soon as they are asked for without confusion and chaos.

6) Neat and presentable appearance is very essential, so dress formal.


1) Never attempt to submit fake documents.

2) Never misrepresent even the smallest information.

3) Don't talk or submit any document unless you are asked to.

4) Don't stammer or elaborate a point. Answer honestly, fluently and precisely.

5) Never be late for the interview.

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