Guide for International Students: Eligibility, Duration, and Processing Time for PGWP Canada

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September 17, 2017
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Guide for International Students: Eligibility, Duration, and Processing Time for PGWP Canada

The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada is a valuable opportunity for international students who have graduated from Canadian institutions to gain work experience in the country. With this permit, they can seek full-time employment at any organization across Canada. It is worth noting that having a PGWP may also increase their chances of becoming permanent residents of Canada, given the current job market. However, it's important to keep in mind that a PGWP is only valid for the duration of the student's study program, and the course must have lasted at least eight months. Additionally, the maximum length of the PGWP in Canada is three years, and it is only available to students who have completed studies at a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Quick Fact

Fees for Post Graduation Work Permit: CAD 155

Additional CAD 100 fee for "Open Work Permit Holder"

Application must be submitted within 180 days of course completion

Duration of PGWP can range from 8 months to 3 years

Length of PGWP cannot exceed applicant's time spent studying in Canada

More than 50% of course curriculum must be carried out through in-person classes to be eligible

Not all programs are eligible for PGWP, so check eligibility before choosing a program

Basic eligibility requirements: 18 years of age or above, program of at least 8 months


Who can be eligible for PGWP?

To be eligible for PGWP in Canada, the candidate must be 18 years of age or older and the program they are pursuing should last for a minimum of 8 months, giving them sufficient time to stay in Canada. The program could be a PG diploma, certificate, degree, or professional course, without any specific requirements.


Is it possible to work after graduation before applying for PGWP in Canada?

Yes, you can work full-time while waiting for a decision on your post-graduation work permit application. However, this is only applicable if you meet the following criteria when submitting your application:


  • had a valid study permit,
  • had completed your program of study,
  • were eligible to work off-campus without a permit, and
  • did not work off-campus more than 20 hours a week during academic sessions.


Ques. How many times can I apply for a PGWP in Canada?

You can only apply for a PGWP Canada once. If you are applying for a program that is part of or extends from your current degree, or you are considering taking a masters degree in Canada, it might be wise to apply strategically with the PGWP. You can get a PGWP for longer periods of study (up to 3 years) if you apply later than the standard application time.

You can extend your PGWP Canada with your new passport only if you were eligible for a PGWP but you didn’t get the full length because your passport was going to expire.


How can PGWP help with immigration to Canada?

A Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) provides eligible graduates with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Canada. With sufficient work experience in Canada, one may qualify for Canadian permanent residency. By combining Canadian education with full-time work experience in the country, applicants can enhance their chances of being selected for Canadian Express Entry immigration program.


How long is PGWP in Canada is valid?

The validity of a PGWP in Canada depends on the duration of your study program. The work permit is approved for the same length as your study program, with a minimum validity of 8 months and a maximum of 3 years. It is important to note that your passport should be valid for the entire duration of your PGWP.


Here are some additional facts:

  • If your program duration is less than 8 months, you are not eligible for a PGWP.
  • If your program duration is 8 months or more, but less than 2 years, you may receive a PGWP that is valid for the same length as your study program.
  • If your program duration is 2 years or more, you may receive a PGWP that is valid for up to 3 years.

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